Skin Care for kids is like Investment Plan

Yesterday while watching television, an advertisement popped up about how men’s skin is different from women’s skin and how one should use different products according to their skin type. This got me thinking that a child skin is entirely different to an adult and still many of us do not use the right products accordingly. We tend to give full attention to the skin care regime of our children until the child is infant. We would use soap and cream especially meant for an infant’s skin, the shampoo which is mildest of them all. But as soon as the child grows, we tend to lose enthusiasm over his/her skincare regime. This happened with me too. I used to be super cautious about the quality, fragrance, ingredients of the products I used for my child. But as soon as my girl turned two I started using my own products for her, without realising the after effects it can cause. I started seeing a visible difference in the texture of her hair and her skin. It was not that supple and shiny as it used to be. That’s because the products I was using was not meant for her skin. They were not as mild and chemical free as they should be for kids. A kids skin is super sensitive and more prone to the skin allergies. One wrong step can damage the skin for a long time. That was the time when I decided to use something that would nourish and enhance my girls skin and hair. I started using Carrie Junior hair and body wash which is formulated with natural combinations of fruit extracts. It is as natural as it can be, making the skin and hair soft, lively and hydrated.

Just like eating fruits makes one healthy from inside, bathing with fruits and natural extracts would make the skin and hair healthier.

Now that I have been using the product for so long, I am satisfied with the choice I made. I can surely see the difference in my child’s skin and hair growth. Like adults, kids have their particular needs and they should be looked after.

Presently times are changing. Pollution, food habits, lifestyle everything is taking a toll on our skin and body. Therefore we should be more cautious and careful about it and follow a healthy skin care regime. A long time investment plan as I call it. With just a little to invest with efforts and gain massive good results. It’s good if we start early and train our children for the same. A healthy and a routined regime is the mantra of soft and supple skin and happy life.

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